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No other cat gives as much boundless affection as a Burmese!  In return, they require great amounts of love and affection in order to be happy.  Burmese will find a warm lap at every opportunity or you can readily find a Burmese soulfully gazing upon you from heights.  You cannot be still one moment, without a Burmese catching the opportunity for some hugs and lap time.  They love to be adored and will reward you with much personal attention.

My Burmese kittens are raised with free run of the house at selected times of the day.  Their "home" is a room where they end up after a day of play snuggled in their baskets.  They are very healthy and are raised to be good social pets.  They are good with children due to their reluctance to displease.  They love other household pets and do better with another household pet for company or a full time "house person."

Swan Falls Burmese are Traditional. 

 There are basically three looks that Burmese are bred for. 

The Contemporaries have a shortening of the muzzle, a shorter nose and a different chin profile.  They were begun in the mid 70's and there is much controversy regarding their health and birth mortality rate.

The third look would be called European Burmese.  They are more oriental looking and slender than a Traditional Burmese.

Traditional Burmese descended from a single cat named Wong Mau  in 1930.  After a breeding program involving Seal point Siamese, a sable Burmese was produced.  They were accepted to championship status in the mid thirties by CFA and ACA.

Swan Falls of Idaho Burmese are either deep dark sable brown, or champagne.  They have wonderful golden eye color and are bred for health.  They are given much attention and spoiled  before going to their new homes.  I am sorry, they just LOVE to be spoiled!  My adults are CFA registered. Individual kittens can be registered at your expense.