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Text Box: What mischievously steals your pen from right under your  nose, then looks totally guilt free even with the pen hidden under a paw? A TONKINESE! 
These beautiful rich mink-like coated creatures gaze at you with such an inquisitive look. It is hard not to laugh at their antics. But don't encourage them, they are never at a loss to find something to investigate, and thrive on attention. 
They adjust easily to families with children, dogs or other cats. They love to talk and tell you about their day. . Because a Tonkinese is a source of boundless energy, they need a lot of family attention or a play mate to keep them occupied. Their social nature makes for a pretty strong bond to family members. So many times I am being called to from another room in a "where are you voice". 
Tonkinese were originally accepted for foundation registration by the Canadian Cat Association in the 1960's. The ideal Tonkinese is a medium sized cat that is alert and active. It has a good muscular development and the head is slightly longer than it is wide. Tonkinese darken with age and reach their lasting color at about 16 to 18 months of age. They can have aquamarine eyes as well as  green-gold to yellow-green that never stop gazing deeply in to your eyes. 
Each kitten, although possessing that "Tonkinese personality", still has their own unique traits. With a little bit of phone time with Swan Falls Cattery Breeder Kate Summer, we can find the kitten that is uniquely suited to your home. 208-922-4949 to text or 
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Text Box: #Tonkinese Color Chart:  http://www.tonkinesebreedassociation.org/TonkineseColors.html