Text Box: Welcome to Swan  Falls Cattery, located in S. W. Idaho near Boise. My Burmese kittens are raised indoors only, although the male parents get to go outside in an enclosed run for fresh air. The Burmese and Tonkinese kittens litters are spaced to allow the kittens to have lots of individual attention. 

Burmese are very affectionate, and love to be held, cuddled and talked to. 
They love to "help" in any project you are involved in at the moment. Burmese will love you without reservation. 
They are very beautiful with their short sleek coat of sable brown. I also have champagne Burmese kittens the color of coffee with cream. Burmese are for true cat lovers. 

My Tonkinese kittens  come in  colors.  Natural point, Natural Mink, Champagne Solid, blue mink and Natural Solid. They are precocious and curious and intelligent. 
Tonkinese have been described as "monkeys in cat fur". They are playful and yet love to cuddle when they are done doing their mischief for the day. 
  Visit the other pages in my web site to learn about the Burmese kittens and Tonkinese kittens.  Enjoy the kitty picture page and email any question you might or Text to Cell 208-922-4949.

Text Box: Burmese and Tonkinese Kittens 
Email:  1summer@mindspring.com or text 208.922.4949  Please note, I do not ship.

Mingo, young male Burmese

L natural mink Tonkinese girl and R Natural Point

Burmese kittens sable color 6 weeks old

Text Box: 10 week old Blue Point Tonkinese


Two Sable Burmese Boys.  What beauties!